Update on the Cornish Cottage Garden

  • November Cornish Cottage Renovation Update

    Having received the Earthborn paint we set to work. Ceilings and wood paneling were rolled so good progress was made. The granite walls were more of a challenge and required a stippling effect to reach in to all of the grooves. The Earthborn paint was exactly right for the job. It's beautifully thick and creamy texture made it easy to apply without dripping everywhere. It gave a lovely warm matt finish that enhanced the light in the room and was fun to use. We are very pleased with the results, far superior to any paints we have used in the past. The paint had no lingering smell, is free of acrylics, oils and vinyls and so is eco friendly.
  • Update on the Cornish Cottage Garden

    We have a secret garden that keeps on surprising us. The first time we looked around the garden we fell in love with the stepping stones, the large slate steps, the moss covered staircase, the slate patio with standing stone in the middle and not forgetting the stone circle bordered by two local miniature apple trees and blue and white hydrangea bushes.