Update on the Cornish Cottage Garden

We have a secret garden that keeps on surprising us. The first time we looked around the garden we fell in love with the stepping stones, the large slate steps, the moss covered staircase, the slate patio with standing stone in the middle and not forgetting the stone circle bordered by two local miniature apple trees and blue and white hydrangea bushes.

We have since been delighted when a tree produced pink tulip like flowers and the banana plant gave us beautiful white flowers followed by green fruit.

More recently red hot poker flowers emerged. Suddenly they were there, a stunning regal flower of delicate yellow which is daily changing to orange and through to red. The asters have been and gone but the last of the roses the fuchsia hedge and honeysuckle covered walls persevere, much to the delight of the many bees that are constantly busy at work.

The recent storm bought a torrent of mud down from the field behind us and broke through the stone wall at the back of the summerhouse causing us to panic for a while. Thankfully everything survived the strong winds and rain including the red hot pokers.

The garden needs taming but what to cut back and when? Also, what else is going to suddenly emerge? We should perhaps leave things well alone until February or March which gives us time to do some research! 

Slate Steps in a Cornish Cottage Garden         Granite Staircase Cornish Cottage Garden                 Flowering Banana Plant

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