Sancreed Beacon

The weather was mild for early October and so a Sunday afternoon walk was decided upon. Our walk started up a small lane eventually turning into a rough track, bridle path with granite boulder fields along the way. Having reached the top of the Beacon we were rewarded by breathtaking views over to St Michael's Mount and beyond. Fabulous shades of burnt orange ferns for miles, interrupted only by the granite rocks protruding from the earth, softly covered with flowering heather.

An inquisitive pony looked on allowing us to stroke her, while other glanced up only to carry on grazing lazily.

Maintained by The Cornwall Heritage Trust Sancreed Beacon is a Bronze Age archaeological site. On top of the hill are remains of burial mounds and a Bronze Age hut on the Western slope. A fire was lit on the hill to send a message to the next beacon and so on towards London as a warning of invasion.

Sancreed Beacon Wild pony in the distance St Michaels Mount

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