Rayburn and Soda Bread

Rayburn Oven with Fresh Soda Bread

When searching for our Cornish cottage we decided it definitely had to have a wood burner and an Aga or Rayburn. We were lucky enough to get both.

Lots of friends and even the estate agent felt sure we would need alternative cooking arrangements but we were determined to master the Rayburn. We arranged for a local company based in Hayle called Firecare to service them both. The log burner was missing it's backing plate and the Rayburn needed a new programmer but Firecare were very helpful and we were soon up and running.

After some trial and error with the Rayburn we are really getting in to the swing of it and having great success with casserole's, tagines, hot pots, and then of course the full Sunday roast dinner, sponge cakes, crumbles and mince pies.

It was nearly lunch time and we were out of bread. Luckily we have recently found a great recipe for soda bread. It is one of the many River Cottage recipes we have tried and enjoyed, is really quick to make and tastes great. 

Ingredients assembled, five minuets to make then in the oven. The bread usually takes 40-45 minuets in a fairly hot oven but we set the oven at a lower temperature and went out for a walk up to the top of Sancreed Beacon stopping to say hello to the friendly ponies in their velvety brown winter coats.

Home Made Soda Bread Dough

We were welcomed home to the wonderful smell of hot bread. Cornish cheese and pickle, jam and honey all worked really well with the warm bread. We should add that it also makes great toast! 

Freshly Baked Bread on a Baking TrayA Table Laid with Soda Bread and Jam


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