Granite Walls & Breathable Eco Paints

Having moved into the Cornish stone cottage with it's white painted granite walls, deep set windows and inglenook fireplace, we thought, ah, at last we have found it, our dream home. We can relax, but no! The decorating begins.

So, suitable paints, because the cottage has granite walls that need to breath  we decided to opt for an eco-friendly clay based paint.

Earthborn Clay Paint - What a great website, so interesting and helpful, worth a visit for any interior designer or DIY enthusiast. The paint has no oils or acrylics so no smell and is environmentally friendly, we like that. The other benefits to using this paint is that it minimises condensation and mildew. The paint is thick and creamy and very easy to apply giving an ultra matt finish. There are some lovely colours in the range but for now we have gone for traditional white. 

Carpets ordered so deadlines are looming. The discovery of hidden coves, lost gardens, castles and theatres has had to be put on hold, the carpet is coming.

Eco Friendly Painted Stone Wall

 Earthborn Breathable Clay Paint

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