February in the Garden

Last year we shared with you a few photos of our Red Hot Pokers and banana plant but this year we thought we would try to give a more regular update. We managed to get out in the garden a few times in January and did some cutting back of thick brambles and trailing ivy.

February has arrived and daffodils are coming up everywhere.

flowering daffodils in February Cornish cottage garden

Daffodils in bloom in Cornwall

The red Camellia is in full bloom and lots of shrubs are already in bud.

red Camellia flowering over a bridge

An overgrown granite stone wall has revealed a beautiful patch of snowdrops hidden under clumps of moss.

Snowdrops in a moss covered granite wall

It is early in the year and the garden is very wet. We know we should wait a year to see what comes through and as the months pass and in-between visitors we hope to show you how the garden comes to life.

Pond in a Cornish cottage garden


  • Hi John,
    Yes!! Well spotted! I will include some better pictures of it in the next blog.

    Grumbla Lane
  • Do you have a stone circle in the grassed area behind the wall that’s as snowdrops

    John holmshaw

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